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Brew Pub Passport 2022

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Summer is right around the corner and we have a very refreshing event lined up for you. R4R has partnered with local breweries all over the Mahoning Valley to bring you the R4R Brew Pub Passport Event!! Over the months of June and July, you can get your passport, visit local breweries and enjoy their wonderful food and drinks. Don't forget to collect their stamps on your passport! When you've had your fill, send us your stamp card and you will be entered to win amazing prizes! The more local breweries you visit, the better your chances to win... you can't lose!

How do I get my hands on one?

Well, that's easy!!!

-Modern Methods Brewing Company, Warren OH

-Lake Milton Brewery, Lake Milton OH

What breweries are participating in the event? All the best in the area of course!

Modern Methods Brewing Company, Warren OH

Lake Milton Brewery, Lake Milton OH

Birdfish Brewing Company, Columbiana OH

Crooked Tongue Brewing, LLC, Edinburg PA

Paladin Brewing, Austintown OH

Noble Creature Cask House, Youngstown OH

Ill Will Brewing, Columbiana OH

BrewLounge Beer Company, Columbiana, OH

Croakers Brewing Company, New Castle PA

Brew 32 Craft Brewery, Pulaski PA

Hop Asylum Brewing, New Wilmington PA

How long does this event last?

The awesomeness is starting June 1st, 2022 thru July 31st, 2022. After visiting as many breweries over that 2 month span as you can (hopefully all of them) and collecting your stamps, cut off the stamp page, fill out your info on the bottom, lick/stick a stamp and drop that sucker in the mail! We tacked on an extra week for snail mail, so make sure your stamped cards are back to us by August 7th.

What happens on August 7th?

We will hold the drawing for all of our prizes on August 7th, 2022 on Facebook live. For every brewery you visit, you will get one ticket with your name on it entered in the drawing. You will receive a bonus 5 tickets if you get your card covered in stamps from every brewery on the list! Just a little incentive for ya, see what we did there?!

What prizes do you speak of?

Many, many amazing and wonderous prizes of course! This is an R4R event, and our prizes rock! The prize pool is still growing thanks to our outstanding sponsors, so the list and pics of the prizes will be coming soon in a separate blog post. The grand prize basket is already valued at over 500 bucks! Hecks yeah!

And the sponsors, who might they be?

Longhorn Steak House - Boardman, OH

Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Warren, OH

Newton Falls Firefighters Association

Noble Creature Cask House - Youngstown, OH

Birdfish Brewing Company - Columbiana, OH

Lake Milton Brewery - Lake Milton, OH

Modern Methods Brewing - Warren, OH

Paladin Brewing - Austintown, OH

Alright, I'm convinced, how much ya want for one?

20 bucks! That's it! Don't forget, 100% of the proceeds goes to helping Mahoning Valley families in need. No need to remind you of that, cause you're awesome and we know it!

Thanks for all of your support!

All officers, board members, volunteers, family, friends, and anyone affiliated with Rock4Reason take absolutely ZERO dollars from donations (we all have day jobs😊). We also have wonderful musicians and bands that donate their chops. No matter the role, we are 100% volunteer and our volunteers rock! Every dollar raised goes directly to families in the Mahoning Valley.

We support everything local. Not only does every dollar raised stay in The Valley, but we also support and get support from local businesses, organizations and musicians in Trumbull and Mahoning County. We couldn't do it without all of you.


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