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Welcome to the Rock4Reason community! Feel free to click around and see what we are all about. To view details about upcoming events, check out the 4EVENTS page which is also an awesome blog. The SHOP is where you can purchase tickets to upcoming events or get your hands on great R4R merch. Use the Donate button at the top of the page if you want to just...well donate!

If you would like to apply for assistance, reach out to us, volunteer or have a question, head over the 4SUPPORT page. Thanks for being part of something great and stay safe out there!

Rock4Reason is an organization helping families in the Mahoning Valley impacted by cancer and terminal illness. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Learn more about us here.

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It is time again to raise dollars for our local families battling cancer and terminal illness. We want you to help and stay safe doing it! Looking for a way for blow off some pent up quarantine frustration? We present the following to you:


Beer Mile

Do you love to run... walk... stumble....? Do you love beer? This fund raising event is made for you! Sign up to our Virtual Beer Mile and 5K Charity Run today!! 


Virtual 5K Charity Run

There's not even an official starting line. That's the kind of flexibility offered by virtual races, a new trend in the running community. Runners can register on Eventbrite and simply choose their own starting line, whether it's a treadmill, a neighborhood street or your own backyard!

Click here for the events blog and more information. 

On The Main Stage

Beer Mile and 5K Charity Run

On the Second Stage

Hope Center Care Packages Delivered.Thanks to all who donated!!

Stuck inside and still helping out! 

R4R partnered with The Hope Centers for Cancer Care to provide therapeutic support to local families in need. Our goal was to deliver stress relief care packages to patients receiving treatment. With your help we were able to deliver 50 therapeutic care bags to those who needed it the most! Check out our Events Blog to see pics of the delivery day and get more details!



All officers, board members, volunteers, family, friends, and anyone affiliated with Rock4Reason take absolutely ZERO dollars from donations (we all have day jobs😊).  We also have wonderful musicians and bands that donate their chops. No matter the role, we are 100% volunteer and our volunteers rock!  Every dollar raised goes directly to families in the Mahoning Valley.  

We support everything local.  Not only does every dollar raised stay in The Valley, but we also support and get support from local businesses, organizations and musicians in Trumbull and Mahoning County.  We couldn't do it without all of you.